The world-famous technology giant Apple will introduce the iPad Pro model with mini LEDs in April 2021. OLED screens will be announced in 2022.


Apple, the technology company that turns to foldable screen phones and will launch various foldable phones in the coming years, is trying to continue its success in 2020 in 2021. The company, which dethroned Samsung, will continue to increase its power in the smartphone market while trying to make a name for itself with foldable phone models. In addition to smartphones, the company will also introduce new tablet models in the coming months. The company, which will fill its safe with various televisions, tablets and smart phones this year, will continue to introduce its brand new products in April. The new iPad Pro is coming.

In the news we made last month, we stated that the company will introduce its brand new products towards April and various leaks have been made to the internet. As we came towards the end of March, it was expected these days and it became clear that the company would introduce a new product in April. As we mentioned in our previous news, iPad Pro with mini LED will be introduced.


iPad Pro in April, OLED Displays to Come in 2022

Today, the new information leaked to the internet almost took off. While it is stated that Apple’s large screen tablet model will be launched in April, it is estimated that the tablet will have a width of 11 inches – 12.9 inches. The company, which is expected to stand out from its competitors with two new tablets, will present iPad models with OLED screens in 2022. The company, which will introduce mini LED tablets in April, will present brand new equipment and features to its users.

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