Unable to find what it was looking for with the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple started to turn to brand new areas. The technology company, which aims to forget the iPhone 12 Mini failure with the foldable iPhone in the coming period, focused on increasing its presence in other areas. The company, which continues to quietly develop its new iPhone series, has shown that it works on a foldable iPhone with the new patents it received last week. Apple is now looking for ways to make money by entering the cryptocurrency business. ApplePay will now allow users to shop with Bitcoin.



As it is known, Bitcoin is still the most famous crypto currency today. Bitcoin, which overturns the stock market with its increasing value every day, confuses investors and gains value rapidly, is now on everyone’s lips. Bitcoin, which comes to mind when it comes to crypto money, can now be used in shopping. The currency, which was the subject of football player transfers months ago, is now in the language of the world’s third technology company. It seems that the company that will implement a wallet-based crypto payment will not pay money to money.

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Apple Will Allow Bitcoin Payments

ApplePay, a feature well-known and used by iPhone users, hosts a brand new development. The payment system, which provides convenience to users in shopping, is now preparing to make payments with crypto money. Following the steps to be taken, ApplePay will give users the opportunity to shop with cryptocurrency online via apps or through a store.

After the steps to be taken, if the company can implement this payment system, it will open the way to earn more than $ 40 billion in revenue. There is no doubt that the payment system will be available for other cryptocurrencies after this innovation.


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