iPhone 13 News: Apple is preparing to slap Samsung with the iPhone 13. The company will leave Samsung behind with the AMOLED screens it will use on its phones.


The competition between Apple and Samsung, two famous names in the smartphone world for years, continues. The throne of Apple, the leader of the smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2020, shook and took over the leadership. South Korean Samsung, which took over the leadership of the smartphone industry in the first quarter of 2021, does not seem to have any intention of losing the leadership with its sales. Chinese Xiaomi, which follows the two companies behind them, has started to accelerate their work. With the details coming today, Apple seems determined to leave Samsung behind with the iPhone 13 smartphone model. The company will present the largest AMOLED screens to its users.

Towards the end of the year, the company will introduce a new series of smartphones, and will make us forget the old series. The phone series, which will make a name for itself with its screen features and design features, will also host close-to-fold models.

Apple Will Be The Largest AMOLED Receiver With iPhone 13

With the information coming today, it is revealed that the new iPhone series will have the largest AMOLED screens. The company, which will surpass Samsung with AMOLED screens, will also be very ambitious in its new flagships. The company, which is on its way to becoming the largest AMOLED display receiver in the world, purchased 169 million display panels for the new phone series. In addition, the company, which has ordered 114.5 million display units, will surpass Samsung as an AMOLED screen buyer.


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