With the iPhone X, Apple introduced the Face ID feature, which Android phones could not pass by even in 2021. Apple’s face recognition system, which does not pour water on security, came up with an interesting event today. Unfortunately, Apple’s face recognition system has infringed some patents.



Face ID could cost Apple dearly

He says the US violated five patents in Apple’s facial recognition system in the case that appeared in the Western District Court of Texas. In particular, these patents relate to technologies that can help users interact with smartphones, including unlocking devices, capturing images or videos, and other functions.

The plaintiff in the case, Gesture Technology Partners, in 2013, Dr. It was founded by Timothy Pryor. Pryor is the only inventor of the five patents filed. Patents charged are in US Patent No. It is named as 8,194,924, 7,933,431, 8,878,949 and 8,553,079.

According to the complaint, a number of Apple functions, such as Apple’s facial recognition system, Smart HDR, facial recognition in images, and optical image stabilization, infringed intellectual property rights. Interestingly, the case is Apple and Dr. It also points out that Pryor had a partnership before.

It is unknown how Apple will survive this case. However, if Pryor’s claims are true and the case ends in Pryor’s favor, we can say that the Apple front will pay a great deal of compensation. Because Apple’s collecting the iPhone X and later models from the market causes the company to not recover for many years. So Apple will come to an agreement with Pryor at worst.


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