The history of the event that Apple, one of the giants of the smartphone world, will introduce the iPhone 12 series has come to light. Twitter user iHacktu claimed that the company will hold two different events this year.

One of the most anticipated events of the year in the smartphone world is the event that Apple introduced the new generation iPhone models. This year is no exception in this regard, as new information about the history of Apple’s event in question has emerged.

According to information revealed on Twitter, Apple will release iPhone 12 on September 8. It is also among the allegations that Apple’s allegedly organized event will take place online in less than 2 months.

iPhone 12 promotional event

The Twitter user named iHacktu Pro claimed that the new iPhones, new Apple Watch, AirPower and iPad will be introduced and this event will be held online at the event to be held on September 8.

The same account said the company will hold another event on October 27th. Apple will debut the iPad Pro and MacBook series at this event. The new MacBook models, the MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, will be powered by an internally developed processor. It is currently unknown whether this event will take place online or physically.

Another product expected to be introduced at the event is Apple Glass. Apple Glass, which has been the subject of rumors and allegations for a while, may eventually come across to users this year. The price of the glasses is expected to be $ 499.

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5G connectivity support is one of the reasons why new generation iPhone models, which will be released this year, are excited among Apple enthusiasts. The iPhone 12 family will be the first iPhone series to support 5G. Finally, let us remind you that Apple has not made any official statement regarding these events.


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