Apple was said to have developed a powerbank for the iPhone 12 that uses the MagSafe wireless charging protocol.

It is reported that the device will also have a premium version with reverse charging.

We have heard before that Apple is preparing to release a powerbank based on MagSafe technology for the iPhone 12 series. Technology analyst Jon Prosser made new statements in an episode of the Genius Bar podcast that will fuel these rumors.

According to Prosser, Apple is working on two versions of the power bank. One of them is the standard version and the other is the premium model with reverse charging. While Prosser doesn’t go into detail on reverse charging, he’s probably talking about the ability to wirelessly charge AirPods or other Apple accessories at the same time.

Will share the rendered images
The news source adds that Apple may only release one of these models, and the reverse charging version may not see daylight. During the podcast, Prosser said that he plans to publish the rendered images of power banks in the coming days.


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