With the new service offered by Apple, users will be able to easily move content such as photos and videos from iCloud cloud storage areas to other platforms.

Apple’s ecosystem is known as an extremely closed platform, but the situation is starting to change. The company’s new service allows you to easily transfer photos and videos from iCloud cloud storage to your Google Photos account.

Thus, iOS device owners will have the opportunity to seamlessly “migrate” to Android or create a backup copy of their content in another ecosystem. To make the transfer, the user must enable two-factor authentication in Apple ID settings and have enough free space in their Google account store.

Files move in three to seven days
Apple is committed to verifying that the request is actually made by the user to protect privacy while content is being transferred. For this reason, it has been stated that the process of “moving” photos and videos may take three to seven days.

The Apple website has also provided information about the operations that cannot be done during this move. The exceptions list includes all content except for smart albums, live photos, some metadata and RAW images, as well as private storage. Note that after the transfer, the originals of the pictures and videos will remain in iCloud and the names of these files in Google’s cloud service will start with “Copy”.

Note that the service was initially offered to users in Australia, Canada, the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. It is expected to open to other countries in the coming period.


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