According to Mark Gurman, who has strong connections with Bloomberg, the new MacBook Air will be thinner and lighter than previous Macbook Airs. This technique, which may cause controversy to shrink the system, also brings into mind the possibility of the frame next to the screen shrinking. Gurman said Apple is even considering building a 15-inch MacBook Air, but looks at it with some concern for the next generation. Perhaps the idea will be reviewed by Apple again after a while.



Like the MacBook Pro, Apple’s new Air is expected to be equipped with MagSafe, the magnetic charging system first introduced in 2006. Apple has been using it for years, but has been gradually adding this technology to its products since 2016. Last week, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple believes it will reuse the MagSafe charging system on its next MacBook Pro. This could lead to a revolution in the computer market. Because it looks like we will come across a completely different design.

The new MacBook Air is likely to be powered by custom Apple silicon, further reducing Apple’s reliance on Intel for its processing technology. The current generation Air, which was launched in November 2020, also uses Apple’s M1 chip. On the other hand, sources also say that the new MacBook Air will come equipped with two separate USB 4.0 ports.

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