Apple can get rid of the case files by the day. He openly admitted that he slowed down his old models with software updates he published. Not only that, but also admitted that it slowed down models with low battery levels. These confessions have also led to new complaints from users. These increasing complaints and other lawsuits added to them can cause a lot of pain for Apple.



Apple admitted that in 2017 it slowed down iPhones with falling battery levels and therefore faced many lawsuits. Users complain that the legend of Batterygate (Apple’s app that keeps the system stability of older model iPhones) is over.

That’s why Altroconsuma’s Italian consumer protection agency demands 60 Euros per device from Apple. This figure in total evolves to 60 million Euros. Similar cases were recently filed in Belgium and Spain. In a few weeks, a new lawsuit will be filed against Apple in Portugal for the same reasons. The models that led to these lawsuits are; iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S- iPhone 6S Plus series.

Euroconsumers group; He published a timeline bringing together consumer protection agencies for cases in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Brazil. According to the schedule, the fee Apple will pay only for its cases in the USA is over $ 500 million. This goes up to $ 25 per phone. In the US, other defendant models are accompanied by iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone SE. However, it should be noted that in Brazil, a lawsuit on battery restriction was also canceled.

Last November, in Italy, Apple was fined 10 million euros for providing misleading information on the water resistance of iPhones.

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Despite all the complaints, Apple continues its success. Will the courts be able to stop this successful course? Or will Apple be able to prevent these complaints? We will see it all together over time.


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