Apple continues to attract attention with its patents. Proceeding in a certain design line in almost all of its products, the controlled company arouses curiosity with the patents it makes and received. Apple, which stands out from its image that adopts strict rules, can surprise. Here we are facing one of those surprising patents. This time, Apple’s plans are focused on making the MacBook flexible!

Apple MacBook surprises focused plan
Apple makes many of the radical changes for their MacBook. It made some changes to the recently released 13-inch MacBook Pro. Let us state that this laptop, which we encounter silently, comes with the expected features. In addition, Apple can be released with new MacBooks in a collapsible structure.

We’re seeing new Apple patents that suggest a foldable design on future MacBook or MacBook Pro laptops. Patent images that show Apple is working to offer us a new MacBook or MacBook Pro with a foldable design in the future contain details that the company has been said to be working on for some time.

In the said patent, Apple is trying to change the existing hinge mechanism that connects the screen to the body of the computer, with a new patent called “planar hinge assembly that can be applied to MacBook Pro”.

In the explanation of the received patent, it is written that the device with a one-piece body with a non-protruding appearance has a curved and bendable detail. The device consists of one piece and has two parts. These bending places, which appear to have been designed in a bellows structure, are said to attract attention with their flexible structure.

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In addition to the design that combines such a bendable screen with a hinged structure at the same time, Apple is also told that ” a flexible battery should be added to the adjustable and bendable MacBook at the same time ”.


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