Windows 7, which has managed to survive with its fast structure and performance, continues to host millions of users around the world. While Windows 7, which took its place in our computers years ago with a very simple design, was gradually being replaced by Windows 10, striking details emerged.



As you may remember, in January 2020, Microsoft unexpectedly announced that the support of Windows 7 would be cut. So it had unplugged Windows 7, so to speak. While there has been no update and innovation in Windows 7 for 1 year, some information has emerged today.

While Windows 7, which has been receiving updates continuously for 10 years, ended its updates as of January 2020, it was revealed that the successful operating system was still installed on more than 100 million computers today. According to the data obtained through NetMarketShare, Windows 7 increased the market share of the Windows operating system in December. The market share in PC operating systems, which was 18.78 percent in November 2020, increased to 19.71 in December 2020.

Although Microsoft unplugged Windows 7, it continues to reap its fruits. Nowadays, while many computer users switch to Windows 10 for security reasons, the fact that Windows 7 continues to protect its place on millions of computers reveals that it is a very successful operating system.


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