MagicPoopCannon, the popular Bitcoin and crypto analyst, came up with a very important claim today. The famous analyst warned that US exchanges may delist XRP in the coming days. The analyst, who made the comments on Twitter, warned about the risk of falling for Ripple as a result.

Bitstamp announces Ripple delist

MagicPoopCannon posted the following tweet after Bitstamp announced on January 8 that it stopped trading and depositing XRP for US customers.

This was a quick profit and I got out of XRP with a gain of roughly 40%. I think we can see a lower bottom here. There is a real risk that XRP could fall, with stock exchanges in the US removing it from the list. Very risky right now. Defense time.

Now all eyes are on Coinbase

It is stated that the popular US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has delayed this decision for up to a year due to uncertainty over whether XRP is a security. The initial excitement surrounding a possible listing for XRP on Coinbase was the core component of the $ 3.84 remittance coin, which was an all-time high in January 2018.

Coinbase finally listed XRP in February 2019, and now the crypto exchange is facing the risky task of determining whether to track Bitstamp in stopping XRP’s trading and investments. Other US-based crypto exchanges such as Kraken and Binance USA have a similar decision regarding XRP.

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Gemini was the only US-based crypto exchange that did not list XRP. Perhaps the Winklevoss brothers saw the potential of an SEC lawsuit against Ripple and chose not to list Ripple until there was additional clarity about its fate as a security.

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