Arena continues to be active in all areas it cooperates with with the solutions and suggestions it develops. Arena offers its customers the opportunity to see in advance what the proposed systems will bring to the companies with unlimited scenario tests in its demo center called Arena Galaxy.

In Arena Galaxy, there are products of many brands that Arena is the distributor of, including all groups including storage, server, notebook, desktop, workstation, network, security and IoT. With Arena Galaxy, dealers experience the accuracy of the solution offered, how well the proposed system matches the current needs, and what their future needs will be.

See, Experience, Decide

Arena, by adding a new one to its innovative business ideas developed by considering the latest technology, presents Arena Galaxy to its business partners on the digital platform. In this way, business partners have the opportunity to see the advantages of the products and services they will offer to their customers. Nowadays, since various alternative scenarios and brands have similar promises in the same field, it is a great need to be able to make a comparison among them and show how they work without purchasing the product. Arena partners can experience the accuracy of the solution offered with Arena Galaxy, how well the proposed system matches the needs, and what future needs are.

“Experience One Click Service From Front”

Business partners can access Arena Galaxy, which is developed based on this need, from a special online page. The business partner who fills out the form on the page can directly send a demo request regarding the product and service for which they want to get information to the Arena with a single click and experience the services it will offer before the sale.

With the Arena Galaxy demo center of Arena, which is the pioneer with the systems developed among its competitors and the new applications it brings, users are enabled to find answers to all the questions they are curious about and want to learn.


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