The Argentina national team fan token performs as well as its players. At the time of this writing, the high-demand Argentine fan token has gained more than 400% at over $8.15, as Lionel Messi and his friends will be sweating out their rivals Brazil in tomorrow’s Copa America final.



A few weeks ago, the fixed price of each of these fan tokens was US$2, due to strong buying pressures among fans and investors focused on the popularity of the Argentina national team.

Two-time world football champions Argentina are counting on other stars like captains Lionel Messi and Di Maria, Agüero, in their desire to win their first tournament since 1993.

A win at the Maracanã Stadium will give the Argentines their 15th Copa América title, while a Brazil win will give the largest South American country its tenth title.

In an exclusive interview, Chiliz Crypto President Joe Grech had this to say about the unique functionality of fan tokens:

Fan Tokens are now widely adopted – an excellent tool to bridge the gap between audience and fans. All this provides an invaluable experience while rewarding the team’s passionate fan bases with huge and special coins. 99% of fans don’t live in the city where their team’s stadium is, reaching fans in 2021 is a completely new game, a game we excel at.

Argentina national team token breaks new ground

The Latin American country is growing with its fans, SociosSocios: NBA team 76ers also has fan tokens!.com became the first national football team to use fan tokens to interact via the fan platform. Holders of the fan tokens have the opportunity to decide which plane will fly their football team to Brazil and which bus will take players and coaching staff across the country.

Market commentators think that by partnering with Chiliz, a leading sports blockchain, to major football teams, it provides the sports industry with an innovative way to monetize fan support amid disruptions to sports activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

What to know

Recent macro data points to fan tokens raising over $120 million in capital over the past seven months, and shares this with its partners, revealing that it’s rapidly gaining momentum.

A number of leading football clubs have also launched their own fan tokens, including France’s Paris Saint-Germain, Spain’s Barcelona, ​​England’s Manchester City and Italy’s AC Milan.


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