The Ark 2 game was officially announced during The Game Awards 2020 event. The production that excites fans is starring Vin Diesel.

The leading role of the Ark 2 game will be Vin Diesel!

Ark: Survival Evolved, one of the first productions that comes to mind when it comes to survival games, is getting ready to welcome its fans with its second game. Studio Wildcard’s production welcomed us for the first time in 2015. The company, which announced the second game of the series after five years, officially announced the Ark 2 game at The Game Awards. Announced with the cinematic trailer, the leading role of the game is Vin Diesel, a very big name.


The release date of the Ark 2 game, which did not share any information other than the video, was not determined. The production, which will try to look better and be among the next generation games, will meet the players in full after the early access period, as in the first game, according to rumors. On the other hand, in addition to the second game of the series, Ark Animated Series was also announced at The Game Awards. The animation series, which is planned to be released in 2022, is absent. Big and ambitious names such as Russell Crow, Vin Diesel, Gerard Butler and David Tennant will be in the cast of the animation. Although full details about the stories are not revealed in two different contents, we can easily say that there have been quite pleasing developments for the fans of the series.


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