ARM Mali-G710 will cater to flagship phones and laptops, while the Mali-G510 unit will offer a medium level and the Mali-G310 will offer satisfying entry level graphics performance.

Introducing new generations that offer significant improvements on the Cortex side compared to the previous generation, ARM continues the same synergy on the graphics side. The Mali-G710, G510 and G-310 graphics units come with numerous innovations.

What will Mali-G710 offer?

In the mobile graphics unit segment, Apple and Qualcomm are the clear leaders in terms of performance, but Mali stands out in terms of quantity. In 2020 alone, 1 billion Mali graphics chips found their way into electronic devices. Mali is again the best seller in the segment.

Mali technologies, which appeal to a wide range of people from smartphones to tablets and televisions, will power laptops from now on. The Mali-G710 graphics unit is 20 percent faster and energy efficient than the Mali-G78 unit. It will be offered to Chromebook models as well as flagship phones.

As it represents the third generation of the Valhall architecture, it shares essentially the same lines with the Mali-G77 and Mali-G78 graphics units, but thanks to advanced artificial intelligence, video displays, visuals and games are better optimized. The Mali-G610 is exactly the same, but only appeals to smartphones due to its smaller core scaling.

Mali-G510 and Mali-G310

The Mali-G510 graphics unit replaces the G51 unit, but stands out with up to twice the performance increase, 22 percent better energy efficiency, and twice the AI ​​performance. It will be an ideal chip for mid-range phones and smart television products.

We can say that the hidden star of the night is the Mali-G310 unit. Up to a 4.5x increase in Vulkan performance over the G31 unit and a 6x faster pattern unit as well as a double improvement in Android interface processing performance will make it a sought-after chip at the entry level. Especially, we seem to see Cortex-A510 and Mali-G310 very often.


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