This vehicle, which looks like an ordinary Ferrari 458 Speciale from the outside, but is actually armored, belongs to the AddArmor.

Another striking part of this project is that the armor is not very heavy. These armoring operations, which are generally quite a big addition to the weight of the vehicle, added only 70 kg to the 458 Speciale. The main purpose of this project is to show that super sports cars can be armored without having a big impact on their performance.

AddArmor has equipped the Italian supersport with protection in B4-service, which can protect from shots from all pistols, including 44 Magnum bullets. This protection is provided by a special material that is 10 times stronger but 60% lighter than ballistic steel.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this armor adds a small weight to the vehicle. But AddArmor has also made some changes so that this excess is not felt on the performance. For example, in addition to all the carbon fiber options Ferrari offers for the 458 Speciale, the vehicle also has a Capristo brand exhaust system. Thus, the vehicle is only 30 kg heavier than it was delivered from the factory. In addition, with the Capristo exhaust system, the power of the vehicle increases by 40 hp. This makes it impossible to realize that the vehicle is armored.

AddArmor did not fully disclose the price for the 458 Speciale project. But he says the prototype is about $ 625k. It is also stated that the armor application can be removed at any time


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