Overwatch News: Another hard loss for the Mexican dubbing


The dubbing industry suffered another unfortunate loss with the death of Arturo Casanova, a renowned actor who lent his talent to important characters in film, television and even video games.

The news began to circulate through social networks, mainly in accounts of fellow union members, who confirmed his death.

One of the first to speak about it was Eduardo Garza, who published a small message through his Twitter account.

Arturo Casanova and his characters

The actor died on July 18, apparently from a hepatic encephalopathy from which he sadly could not get by.

This renowned actor began his career in the eighties, and in the years that he was active he gave life to characters like Rocky Balboa, Morpheo in The Matrix and Uncle Phil in The Prince of Rap, just to name a few.

Although the bulk of his participation was in series, movies and animated programs, he also had a small step in the video game industry.

Arturo Casanova voiced Winston in Overwatch, as well as Tam Kench in League of Legends, Thanatos in Smite, and Archimonde in World of Warcraft.

Within the anime we could hear him in the roles of Moses de Ballena in The Knights of the Zodiac, Dartagnan in Zatch Bell, Gamabunta in Naruto and Gold Roger in the 4Kids dubbing for One Piece.

Undoubtedly, the departure of Arturo Casanova will leave a great void between his family and colleagues, although his legacy will remain intact among those who heard him.

In the last two years the dubbing industry suffered heavy losses due to various issues, but we hope that this bad streak will end soon.

Do you remember any of the characters played by Arturo Casanova? Tell us in the comments which one is your favorite.


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