Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announced the industry’s first AI-powered cloud platform that predicts and resolves problems that may occur in the edge technologies network.

Aruba, which operates under the umbrella of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and offers secure networks to initiatives that want to develop digital experiences in the mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing sectors, introduced an important innovation last week.

What is Aruba ESP?
The innovation announced under the name Aruba ESP; It stands out as the industry’s first artificial intelligence supported cloud platform that predicts and solves the problems that may occur in the edge technologies network. Aruba ESP, based on artificial intelligence operations; It applies a zero trust policy and collects offices, data centers, branches and remote work points under a single roof, continuously analyzing data on domains on a single platform.

Since the system operates autonomously, it guarantees service level agreements (SLAs), identifies anomalies and specific optimizations in the network, detects unknown devices on the network and makes them secure.

With Aruba ESP, it is now possible to manage and operate fully equipped for offices, data centers, stores or remote workers of all sizes, as well as large enterprises. In addition, a common data repository is created, making daily operations simpler. Also, Aruba’s new Artificial Intelligence Insights (AI Insights) model data from more than 1 million network devices per day and reveal more than 1.5 billion data.


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