As a result of a 10-year study, no link was found between the violent play of children and the violent play of children.

Since video games have become popular, some things are blamed on games almost every year. Especially in every crime incident in America, someone is putting the blame on the game. We have seen that games are blamed in news programs watched by millions of people not only in America but also in our country.

With the latest research, the situation where the actors have been angry for years has been proven by science. As a result of Cyberpsychology’s 10-year study Growing with Grand Theft Auto; It has emerged that children who play violent games show a tendency to violence and there is no connection between them.

The study lasted approximately 10 years and was carried out with a person-centered contemporary type of work. So it’s not just based on data; Various variables such as children’s socio-economic structure, gender, and place of residence were used. Also, the children were chosen from different races.

As a result of the study, it was found that in general, males played more violent games than girls, but there was no link between games and showing violent tendencies. As a result of the study, 4% of the children who played high-intensity games in childhood showed a high tendency to violence, 23% showed moderate tendency to violence and 73% showed a tendency to violence at a low rate. These numbers are very close to the rate of violence in a normal society.

The full title of the work is “Growing Up with Grand Theft Auto: A 10-Year Study of Longitudinal Growth of Violent Video Game Play in Adolescents”.


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