Asgard DDR5-4800 128 GB RAM running at a speed of 4,800 MHz.Shenzhen Jiahe Jinwei Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. The first DDR5 memory module of the brand was introduced by the Chinese memory manufacturer Asgard.

The memory module with part number VMA5AUK-MMH224W3 comes in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB options. Of course, the Asgard DDR5-4800 128 GB RAM option stands out especially. On the other hand, we recommend that you don’t expect cool heat spreaders and RGB lighting.

According to ITHome’s report, the memory module operates at 4,800 MHz regardless of density. It is worth noting that this data is not near the ceiling for DDR5. As you know, the new specification is expected to reach memory frequencies up to 8,400 MHz. Asgard’s memory module will only draw 1.1V DRAM voltage, which is the reference voltage for DDR5. It also complies with JEDEC’s B standard. So their timing should be set at 40-40-40.

Mass production of the DDR5 memory module by Asgard has not yet begun. The fact that there is not any processor benefiting from the standard may have been effective in this decision. Forecasts are that the seller will begin production when Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake processors and 600 series chipsets are ready.

Some of the future Intel and AMD processors that will support DDR5 have already been approved. Intel has Alder-Lake, Sapphire Rapids and Tiger Lake-U, while AMD is talking about Rembrandt APUs.


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