Aston Martin will produce DB5 Goldfinger Continuation models, the sequel to the 1960s favorite DB5. The spy features of the new-classics that will meet a limited number of buyers are exciting.

The famous British auto giant from Newport Pagnell announced that they produced a limited number of 1960s famous model DB5. Fans of the movie immediately recognized the car. DB5 is the famous car of James Bond. The famous model is officially known as the sequel to Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger.

What is Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation?

DB5 Goldfinger is the latest in Aston Martin’s ‘sequel program’ series, starting with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. It takes 4,500 hours per vehicle to produce a car of the series. 25 new / classic DB5 cars are built to high quality standards. Aston Martin says that for this model, they blend old world craftsmanship with modern engineering.

Only 25 lucky people will have 007 features

Rear artificial fog distribution system, simulated rear oil layer distribution system and front and rear turntables; just like James Bond. Many 007 features are also on the way, such as a simulated machine gun, bulletproof rear shield, simulated rubber texture and an optional removable passenger seat.

It includes a simulated radar screen tracker map, phone, armpit hidden weapons / storage and remote control for instrument activation. “We are making the most desirable toys ever made, for 25 very lucky buyers worldwide,” said Paul Spiers, President of Aston Martin Works. said.

All of the stylish tools have been developed in conjunction with special effects supervisor Chris Corbould OBE, who has worked on more than a dozen Bond films.

Engine and Vehicle Features

All DB5 Goldfinger Continuation models have the same exterior color; just like the original, silver Birch. Like the 1960s classics, aluminum outer body panels surround an authentic DB5 mild steel chassis construction. Under the hood are six cylinders with a single-head, three SU carburetors and oil coolers, up to 290 bhp, naturally aspirated inline six cylinders.

The engine is paired with a manual five-speed ZF and locked differential. Braking is carried out by old-style servo-assisted hydraulic Girling type steel disc brakes. The suspension features a lively rear-axle coil-top spring design with a bend balance bar in front.

Aston Martin says this is a complete and dynamic package.

Who can own this car?

First of all, it should be noted that; The use of this highly anticipated new model in traffic is prohibited. The deliveries of vehicles will start in the next days of 2020 for 3.4 million dollars excluding taxes! The new owners of the vehicles are eagerly awaited.


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