ASUS announced the Wi-Fi 6 router model RT-AX68U. This model stands out with its new Instant Guard security application.

RT-AX68U, a Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) router for home users, supports wireless connection speeds of up to 2700 Mbps with a 3×3 MIMO antenna configuration. Offering a very wide Wi-Fi coverage, this router provides stable connection to many devices at the same time. The Instant Guard application, with exciting features and completely free, allows users to securely connect to their public Wi-Fi networks with one click.

With its slim and vertical design prepared with modern lifestyles in mind, the RT-AX68U can be stylishly adapted to all decorations.

Wi-Fi that reaches farther
Nowadays, the number of connected devices in most homes is increasing. The RT-AX68U is also designed to offer the widest possible Wi-Fi coverage to multiple devices. Thanks to OFDMA technology that comes with Wi-Fi 6, signals can spread much further than Wi-Fi 5. The vertical design includes a 3X3 MIMO antenna configuration. Three antennas are used in three different data streams. The product also has a beamforming feature that focuses the signals on the devices.

RT-AX68U also supports ASUS AiMesh technology. In this way, it is possible to expand the Wi-Fi network by adding one or more AiMesh compatible routers and create a network system that covers the whole house perfectly.

Instant Guard mobile app
RT-AX68U is the first ASUS router to support the new ASUS Instant Guard service. This service makes it possible to connect to open Wi-Fi networks with one click, securely and with privacy. Free public Wi-Fi networks are becoming increasingly available all over the world, making them a target of cybercriminals. Malicious individuals can steal users’ private data in these insecure networks. Instant Guard solves this problem with VPN technology. It opens an encrypted data tunnel to RT-AX68U over the open Wi-Fi network. In this way, all Wi-Fi connections are protected from other users.

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Unlike third-party VPN solutions, Instant Guard’s VPN server runs on RT-AX68U. In this way, the security is even higher. All this service is offered completely free of charge. While third-party VPN services can be complicated to set up, Instant Guard is one-click setup with a user-friendly design and requires no technical knowledge.

Instant Guard also takes advantage of ASUS AiProtection antivirus, which is free for its lifetime. In this way, RT-AX68U can filter harmful websites, preventing virus infections before they accidentally enter such sites. Instant Guard can also be used on select ASUS routers to be announced in 2021.

Today’s style
With its vertical design and special textured finish, the RT-AX68U adds a stylish touch to any home or studio. In this way, there is no need to hide the router from eyes. In addition to providing maximum performance, external antennas complete the quality design, making RT-AX68U compatible with any decoration.



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