ZenDrive U8M easily connects via USB-C, fixing the DVD drive problem for ASUS ZenBook or other laptops.

ASUS announced the ZenDrive U8M, a stylish new external DVD burner. Utilizing the latest USB-C interface, this product offers a solution for multimedia playback and data archiving. Carrying the spirit of the iconic ASUS ZenBook series, the U8M completes the latest generation of ultrathin laptops. The product, which allows long-lasting archiving with M-DISC support, comes with easy and comprehensive backup software.

Suitable for all modern laptops

ZenDrive U8M offers convenience and speed with its USB-C connection. ASUS ZenDrive U8M is ready to use thanks to this port, which is found on almost all new notebooks, including ASUS ZenBook models. This small and smart socket provides comfortable use with the ability to be plugged in both directions. Users can add instant multimedia playback and backup capability to their modern Windows and Mac computers.

Retain valuable photos, videos and data for generations

ZenDrive U8M supports M-DISC, an archive-quality solution to preserve all your precious memories in digital media, from family photos to home videos and more. M-DISC write technology processes the recorded data into a patented rock-like layer. Resistant to the harshest conditions, this layer securely stores digital memories and important data you have accumulated for a lifetime for up to 1000 years.

Easy to use, comprehensive backup solution

ZenDrive U8M offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use backup solution for Windows where you can store your valuable data with peace of mind. The only thing the user has to do is to provide a free disk. After that, backup can be made easily in three steps via the convenient interface. Other features such as password protected encryption and hidden folder are also included.

ZenDrive U8M also offers the ability to easily archive photos, videos or data on a hard disk or SSD.

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