The player phone glut started by Asus with the ROG Phone brand is still in full swing. Asus will appear with its new model Asus ROG Phone 4 this year. This phone, which will be designed according to the needs of the players, has appeared today with its bloody vivid images.



This phone, which will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chipset, will feature a special cooling system. Thanks to this cooling system, performance will be increased to higher levels. The phone won’t get hot even when playing competitive games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite for a long time. The phone, which will come with 8 GB RAM and 12 GB RAM options, will apparently have a triple camera setup.

The most striking feature of the phone will be the trigger keys. There will be touch areas on the phone surface. It will be very easy to aim and shoot thanks to these areas that will come into play in mobile games.

Like other ROG this model will be offered for sale in Turkey. Rog Phone 4, which will be equipped with both software and hardware features developed by Asus for a number of players, is expected to push the $ 999 band and even exceed $ 1,100 for the 12 GB RAM version.

We said the name of the phone is Rog Phone 4, but this model can also be named as 5. Because the number 4 in China evokes death. Therefore, the number 4 can be skipped and the 5th model can come directly.


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