New information about the ASUS ROG Phone 5, which is not missing from our news nowadays, continues to come. we do. The world-famous brand, which is very famous for its gaming computers, is now preparing to make a name for itself with its new flagship.



We would like to immediately mention the information we have obtained. As you know, the phone is eagerly awaited. At the beginning of our news, we mentioned that the phone will appear as a continuation of the ASUS ROG Phone 3. Of course, our readers who read these lines started to think about where is the 4th phone model. Let’s answer right away; According to the information we have obtained, it will not be the 4th phone model. In other words, they will launch Phone 5, bypassing the brand Phone 4. In addition, it turned out that the phone will come up with a different version.


ASUS ROG Phone 5 Will Be Released With Tencent Version

It is estimated that the phone, which is expected to appear on March 10, will appear with the Tencet version. For our readers who do not know Tencent, we would like to continue our news with a short summary. Tencent is known as the largest company in China. Today, it is a company that has shares in game development companies and technological product companies as well as mobile games like PUBG. This company was the subject of the news by purchasing a mobile game developed in our country last year.

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While the company, which is preparing to launch its next phone, continues to be followed with curiosity, the step it took was a matter of fact. The company, whose 4th phone was missed, is preparing to make a name for itself with its new flagship on March 10. We will be following the developments closely while the countdown continues on the official website.


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