ROG 4 is physically seen as the fourth version of Asus, the gamer-only smartphone series ROG Phone.


Last week, Asus shared a teaser about the new ROG Phone 4 model. On the first day of the new week, an image of a ROG Phone model was leaked with the claim that it is a new model. In addition, the model was seen in the 3C certification. In this way, we can say that some of its features have become definite.

The claims that the number 4 can be omitted and the number 5 can be used in the naming of the new model are also among the details on the agenda. When we associate this naming preference with the 05 text on the back of the leaked visual, the amount of probability increases. We see a different back design than the predecessor model ROG Phone 3. We can only see the rear of the device in the leaked image.

The camera arrangement is horizontal. The primary of these sensors is expected to have a resolution of 64MP. It looks like a special button is located on the phone to switch to game mode. It is possible that this switch is made with the red button at the bottom left of the case.

Let’s say that the new ROG Phone model will include details such as the Snapdragon 888 chipset, 8GB RAM and Android 11. In addition, we can say that the phone with the ASUS_I005DA model number in the 3C certificate on the fast charging side will offer 65W fast charging support.

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When we look at the details in the image shared by Asus, the image in the background shows the constellation coach in astrology. This welcomes us as a detail that makes us think that the promotion date will be between 21 March – 19 April.


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