While the hardware world is waiting for the RTX 3060 move from Nvidia, the RTX 3060 Ultra model with 12 GB VRAM, which the company goes to a different name, has surfaced.

The details of the entry-middle segment cards expected before the CES 2021 presentation of the GPU giant continue to be clear. It seems that there will be a change in naming.

RTX 3060 Ultra TUF Gaming
The displayed RTX 3060 Ultra TUF Gaming model of ASUS may be a signal that the green team will appear with a different name in the middle segment. Supported by a 3-fan volume cooler, 12 GB VRAM is preferred according to the images of the card.

Although it is not clear yet, the video outputs of the card that will provide the necessary power through 1 or 2 8-pin PCIe power connectors are determined as 1xHDMI and 3xDP. Finally, it is stated that the model will come with a price tag of $ 449.


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