The Asus ZenFone 8, which was launched in Europe in the past weeks, was dismantled this morning. Here are those parts.


With the increasing danger of Corona Virus in India, the launch of many phones was delayed. While the cases in the country were at the line stage, the production of the iPhone 12 was also halved. The technology world in India had its share of the Covid-19 threat. The virus, which causes the launch of many phones to be delayed, continues to show its effect today. Asus ZenFone 8, which was postponed to be released in India today, came to the fore with the dismantling video. In the video, even the smallest part on the device was revealed.

ZenFone 8 series, which has achieved very successful sales so far, continues to make European users smile. The smartphone, which is not known when it will be released in India, has been the subject of our news today with the dismantling video. Let’s take a look at this video together.

Asus ZenFone 8 Disassembled

Determined to reflect its success in the computer platform to its smartphones, Asus seems to have achieved this. The company, which offers users an ultra experience with the new 8 series, has now disassembled the phone. The phone, which has a 5.000mAh capacity battery, has presented both a long-term and an endless experience. Some points of the phone, which is a water and dust resistant structure, are made of glass and it looks very solid. In the video, the device is disassembled from beginning to end and then collected and checked whether it works or not.


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