Self-driving cars are one of the exciting developments about the future. Let’s see if we can see a technology similar to that in the film Back to the Future in 2020? It would be nice to spend all the way comfortably in the vehicle with artificial intelligence, in the back seat. Let’s see when will the self-driving cars come out?

What is a self-driving vehicle?
Engineers have been trying to create prototypes for these cars for years. The working principles are as follows; The vehicles scan the pedestrians, other vehicles, signs around with the cameras and drive accordingly.

“You won’t have to sit in the front seat anymore,” the Guardian said years ago, in 2020. In another title, it was said that in 2020, there will be 10 million self-driving vehicles on the roads. These statements were also supported by General Motors, Toyota and Honda. Elon Musk said they were working on this.

When will the self-driving cars come out?
A lot of time, money and effort is required for the AI-powered vehicle. It is not known how artificial intelligence will solve a real life problem. For example, it is a fact that artificial intelligence can have hard times in Istanbul traffic.

In addition, the fact that the laws have not been regulated accordingly creates an obstacle to this technology. It is not known whether the project is completely shelved or put on the market with new arrangements to be made. However, as promised, it is true that we cannot use these tools in 2020.

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