ATEEZ’s Seonghwa will not participate in KCON: TACT 2020 due to a hip injury.

Read the statement below:

Hi. This is KQ Entertainment.

We are writing about ATEEZ member Seonghwa’s hip joint injury and his participation in future scheduled activities.

During a recent modern dance class, Seonghwa experienced pain near the hip joint. She went for an examination at a medical clinic specializing in that area, and she has been diagnosed with a mild sprain.

Although it is a minor injury, the medical team has advised you to avoid intense movements for about two weeks, to avoid worsening or relapse of the injury. Therefore, Seonghwa will only participate in the ‘KCON: TACT 2020 Summer’ Meet & Greet segment on June 26, and it would be difficult for him to participate in the performance.

We will inform you whether or not Seonghwa will participate in upcoming activities through the schedule on the official website.

We ask for the generous understanding of the fans and send support to Seonghwa so that he can recover quickly.

We wish ATEEZ’s Seonghwa a speedy recovery. Leave your comment on our Facebook page or on our Twitter account. Also, share the news on your social networks.


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