The hacker group REvil has hacked many companies in the USA before. and offered to fix the devices. The hacker group is demanding $70 million worth of Bitcoin for this correction in its latest proposal.



As you know, one of the largest oil pipelines in the USA was hacked in May. This event caused a huge crisis in the USA. Finally, the hacker group REvil launched another attack bombardment. The group is seeking $70 million worth of Bitcoin from approximately 200 US companies.

The hacker gang named Russian REvil has become the scourge of the USA. In May, the largest oil pipeline on the east coast of the United States was attacked. Hacker group, which hacked the Colonial Pipeline system, the largest oil pipeline, caused the oil crisis in the USA. The group launched a new offensive on Saturday.

REvil targeted Kaseya, the company that supplies software to the US oil pipeline, on Saturday, and managed to share the company’s network management suite attack over the cloud. According to the information we have obtained, approximately 1 million machines have been affected by the attack by this REvil hacker group.

They want $70 million worth of BTC

The hacker group, known to have Russian roots, is demanding the equivalent of $70 million in Bitcoin from nearly 200 US companies to fix and restore infected computers they attacked.

“On Friday, we carried out an attack on the service providers of the US oil pipeline software company KASEYA, and about 1 million machines were affected by this attack,” the hacker group said in a statement on the dark website Happy Blog. it was said.

Will cryptocurrencies be banned in the US?

In May, Colonial Pipeline caused great problems and controversy in the US after 75 BTC was paid to the ransomers, and then 63.7 BTC was recovered by the FBI using the address tracking method. After these attacks, many congressmen, media members and economists in the USA have been so blinded by demanding that cryptocurrencies be banned and banned in the country.

Shortly before the hacker attack on the oil pipeline, JBS, one of the world’s largest meat and food suppliers, was hacked by the same hacker group and had to pay a ransom just like Colonial Pipeline after being hacked.

Who does the US hold responsible?

Before the G-7 summit in June, US President Joe Biden blamed Russia for these hacker and ransomware attacks. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that they had nothing to do with these attacks, even remotely. He stated that these attacks had nothing to do with Russia. In addition, Putin stated that there are similar attacks in Russian state institutions, and that those who carried out these attacks were hackers from the USA.

The USA and Russia also discussed these hacker attacks at the summit in Geneva and decided to start the necessary sanctions for a regulation in this area.

After the meeting, some cyber hackers in Eastern European countries were arrested. However, it was stated that these arrests did almost no harm to the hacker groups that carried out the major attacks.


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