An attack was made on the blockchain-based voting system in Russia, where approximately 1.2 million people registered. It is stated that the initiative was unsuccessful and there were no problems in voting.

DDoS attack was carried out on the online voting system on a planned change in the Russian constitution on Saturday evening. While the attack was unsuccessful, it was stated that all of the votes cast smoothly counted.

Artem Kostyrko, head of the Russian Regional Management Improvement and Intelligent Projects Department, said in a statement to TASS, “An attack to blockade was detected from observer node at 21.12 in the evening. The attempt was unsuccessful and there were no problems with voting. This means that all votes have been seamlessly recorded in the blockchain. After our IT experts make the necessary corrections, the observer node will be reloaded. ”

The vote, which will last until 20 pm Moscow time on June 30, started on Thursday, June 25, at 10 pm. At the election attended by voters from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod Region, on Saturday, June 27, at 20.14, the participation was 75 percent and 879,654 votes were accepted. One million from Moscow and 140 thousand from Nizhny Novgorod had registered for the election.

It is able to vote on the proposed constitutional amendments in Russia. If more than 50 percent of the Russian public approves the changes, the draft law comes into force.

On the other hand, April 22 was determined as the first date of the vote, but the coronavirus epidemic and the rapid spread in Russia caused Vladimir Putin’s postponement of the election.


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