Audeze announced Penrose, the new headset targeted to gamers on next-generation consoles and PCs, especially PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The headset is available in different versions for both consoles.

There is no doubt that one of the most developed markets in recent years is the player equipment market. Both large technology manufacturers and companies that are relatively small or focused only on this area keep the competition very warm.

There is also a serious competition for headphones, one of the most popular equipment. Audeze is preparing to add a new product to LCD-GX and Mobius 3D, the high-end products of the gaming headphones market.

New headphones for new consoles

The company’s new gaming headset, Penrose, was developed with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which will be released later this year. So much so that variations of the device depend on the console they will be used with.

It will be possible to use the Penrose for PS4 variant on PS5, Windows and Mac devices. Penrose X will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows computers. So which of your console will affect which of the headphones you get.

When we look at the features, it is remarkable that Penrose has 100 mm planar magnetic drives. Although it is claimed that the company will use a similar structure in Mobius 3 headphones, there is no definite information on this subject.

The headset microphone has broadcast-quality sound for chatting and comes with a flexible extension bar. Thus, the microphone can be moved easily. The sound filter inside the headset can reduce the background noise by 20 decibels.

32 meter range headset

The headset has a 2.4 GHz low latency wireless connection in terms of connectivity. Thanks to this connection, the device manages to transmit the sound from the main source up to 32 meters without any quality decrease.

The headset also has a USB bracket for connecting to consoles, on-device control, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The device, which allows both wireless and Bluetooth connection at the same time, can also be controlled with the Audeze HQ application. The price of the device is stated to be 299 Pounds.


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