Schebesta, one of the richest names in Australia, with a fortune of $ 193 million, compared Bitcoin to gold in its statements to Yahoo.

Digital Gold
Bitcoin is considered digital gold by some experts. The main reasons for this are the limited supply of BTC and its use as a value-keeping tool.

Schebesta, co-founder of, agrees that Bitcoin is digital gold. Sharing his views in an interview with Yahoo, Schebesta says he is a tight Bitcoin supporter.

Stating that cryptocurrency technology has just developed, Schebesta thinks that the cryptocurrency world will grow much more in the future. According to Schebesta, even though some say Bitcoin is over, collapsed and sunk, Bitcoin continues to survive:

They say ‘done’ for Bitcoin for ten years. But it still stands. During this period, Bitcoin price also performed well… I think Bitcoin is digital gold. I think Bitcoin’s way is clear.

Blockchain and Internet
During the interview, Schebesta also talked about blockchain technology and compared it to the Internet.

According to Schebesta, blockchain can be used especially to better manage stocks. According to his statements, stock investors have to deal with all kinds of paperwork. Blockchain technology can solve this problem and simplify the investment process.

Schebesta, one of the richest names in Australia, believes that the future of blockchain technology is bright. However, comparing blockchain to the Internet, Schebesta also reminds that this technology should develop a little more:

People became so interested in the Internet, especially after Hotmail came out. Such technologies take time to develop. The same goes for blockchain.


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