Spotify, one of the applications with the most members in the world, found its place under the roof of the Epic Games Store. Players will be able to add the software to the Epic Games library at no additional cost. With it, you can listen to music while playing games.

Listed on Spotify Epic Games Store

The software that looks like this in the library has shown that Epic has taken care of everything. The platform, which is in a tight competition with Steam, also makes the moves that are not in Steam. Software was already on sale on Steam. However, music listening services were not included. Let’s add that Steam has its own music player.

How to download Spotify on Epic Games Store?

You can reach the store page by clicking the link here. You can order Spotify the same way you get free games. Remember, if you’re not using the service’s Premium membership, the Epic version will also play ads while you’re listening to music. It should also be noted that it is 83 MB in size.

What do you think of Epic’s move? Do you think it’s good to have a music app listed on a gaming platform for the first time outside of the Windows Store?

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Epic’s tweet on the subject is as follows;

“Spotify is now in the Epic Games Store!

Discover new music and podcasts while playing games. Listen to your favorite songs and enjoy music from all over the world. ”

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