Avatar is one of the best received animated series in recent times and one of the most loved by the public. Its history and popularity led it to have a sequel series, a film adaptation and Netflix is ​​even making a live action series based on it.

A few months ago, the creators of the original series, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, along with ViacomCBS, created Avatar Studios. This new division, which will be within Nickelodeon, will be dedicated to producing new series and movies within the Avatar universe. According to its creators, what is coming will be “very ambitious.”


During a conversation they had on the podcast, ‘Avatar: Braving the Elements‘, the pair of creators discussed their plans to expand the universe of their creation. Konietzko mentioned that their plans are “very ambitious and multifaceted” and that they will use “this great, rich and intact history and future within the world of Avatar.”

Later, he indicated that each of the projects they are working on will have their own tone and their own look, so that everyone feels that they belong to the world of Avatar. But he also said that each one will be different, so that they can deepen and expand this universe.

For his part, DiMartino indicated that they are having a lot of support from Nickelodeon to achieve what they want: ‘It is a franchise, the shows, the animated things, but there will also be things beyond it, in publications, and in podcasts like this one. We have all the ideas and ideally we will get to them over the years so that we can explore and do them, but it will take some time. If we do all of these things, it will be what their podcast is doing for the next 20 years. ‘

According to the comments of Konietzko and DiMartino, it seems that we will have Avatar for a long time, perhaps, if they achieve their mission, we will be facing another franchise of the height of Star Wars or the MCU. For now, his first project is a new animated film that will arrive on Nickelodeon and the streaming service, Paramount +, although at the moment it does not have a release date.


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