The soundtracks of Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War films, the biggest of the superhero films, which have changed the face of the cinema world in recent years, and have even been able to add a category for themselves in Oscar awards, are released by Mondo in a special design.

The fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to remain uncertain after what happened in the last movie. Will the dead be resurrected? Will new enemies come? etc. We can leave aside the questions for now. Mondo, the famous design store of popular culture, is selling the soundtrack albums that Alan Silvestri composed for both films for the first time in record format with the number ten design.

You can buy the box set, which is revived with the drawings of Matt Taylor, separately. But we do not think it would be nice to distinguish between these two brothers. Plaques, which will be sold on on April 29, each with a different infinity stone color, seem like a good option for gifts or collections even if there is no turntable in your home.

Avengers: Infinity War – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3XLP

Disc One

Side A
01. The Avengers
02. Travel Delays (Extended)
03. Undying Fidelity
04. No More Surprises
05. He Won’t Come Out (Extended)

Side b
01. Field Trip
02. Wake Him Up
03. We Both Made Promises (Extended)
04. Help Arrives (Extended)

Disc Two

Side A
01. Hand Means Stop / You Go Right (Extended)
02. One Way Ticket
03. Family Affairs (Extended)
04. What More Could I Lose? (Extended)

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Side b
01. A Small Price
02. Even for You
03. Morning After
04. Is He Always Like This?
05. More Power
06. Charge!

Disc Three

Side A
01. Forge
02. Catch
03. Haircut and Beard (Extended)
04. A Lot to Figure Out (Extended)
05. The End Game (Extended)

Side b
01. Get That Arm / I Feel You (Extended)
02. What Did It Cost? (Extended)
03. Porch
04. Infinity War
05. Old Tech
06. End Credits

Avengers: Endgame – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 3XLP

Disc One

Side A
01. Totally Fine
02. Arrival
03. No Trust
04. Where Are They?
05. Becoming Whole Again
06. I Figured It Out

Side b
01. Perfectly Not Confusing
02. You Shouldn’t Be Here
03. The How Works
04. Snap Out of It
05. So Many Stairs
06. One Shot

Disc Two

Side A
01. Watch Each Other’s Six
02. I Can’t Risk This
03. He Gave It Away
04. The Tool of a Thief
05. The Measure of a Hero

Side b
01. Destiny Fulfilled
02. In Plain Sight
03. How Do I Look?
04. Whatever It Takes
05. Not Good
06. Gotta Get Out
07. I Was Made for This

Disc Three

Side A
01. Tres Amigos
02. Tunnel Scape
03. Worth It
04. Portals
05. Get This Thing Started

Side b
01. The One
02. You Did Good
03. The Real Hero
04. Five Seconds
05. Go Ahead
06. Main on End


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