In Malaysia, researchers producing composite materials from fiber fibers in avocado leaves have turned them into robust Drone components. The first prototypes are quite successful.

Nowadays, a wild search for raw materials has started on the production side and we are stealing a little more from nature every day. Some enterprises are trying to produce raw materials from plant or animal waste.

Drone from Avocado
Using avocado leaves, Muhammed Tarık Hamid, a professor at Putra University Malaysia, was able to develop Drone components that are soluble in nature and can be as durable as synthetic fibers.

As part of the project, which started in 2017, composite material is produced from the leaves of avocados. This material, which is both lighter and more robust, can be used in Drone bodies. When it is damaged, it dissolves and disappears in 2 weeks when buried in the ground.

It is stated that drone prototypes with bio-material bodies can go up to 1 kilometer and stay in the air for 20 minutes. In the future, the researchers plan to reach the power to carry large loads such as cameras.

Since avocado production is high in the country, these leaf parts are separated and burned. After that, a huge waste comes out. The use of drone production project will enable farmers to earn money by selling waste and therefore reduce environmental pollution.


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