Binance has claimed that the trademark has been previously registered in Australia, but has lost its domain challenge for

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, which has a domain name dispute with Binancé, a florist operating in Australia, has lost the challenge.

According to the news in Decrypt, Binance had been fighting law on this issue since April 15. The lawyers of the stock exchange claimed that the Binance trademark has been registered in Australia since 21 November 2018, and the florist registered its domain name on 27 October 2019.

However, the allegations made by the lawyers were not accepted, and on 17 June the decision filed against Binance. Currently, when visiting, it’s not a crypto exchange, but an online florist.

The interesting thing is that this site, which looks like a florist’s internet address, does not work properly in its current form. The message “Thanks for your payment” is encountered when no payment is made when the payment is made.

On the other hand, it was determined that the manager of the florist, Nawodycz, also does digital marketing and works as a “blockchain stock market researcher” in a company. Regarding why she chose the word “binancé”, Nawodycz said that this word means “paired” in French and “binancé flowers” means “paired flowers”.


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