An awesome dance video came from Boston Dynamics’ family of robots. In the video, the great abilities of the humanoid robot Atlas attracted attention.

Boston Dynamics, the shining star of the robotics world, is back on the stage with a brand new video. The company, which managed to become the agenda all over the world in a short time with the videos uploaded frequently to the YouTube channel, now came out with a great dance show.

The new video features Boston Dynamics’ entire robot family, but Atlas was definitely the star of the video. The dance moves that Atlas performs look like they are straight out of a CGI movie. Boston Dynamics has once again succeeded in demonstrating why it is number one in robotics.

Boston Dynamics was sold from Softbank to Hyundai earlier this month for $ 1.1 billion. Softbank bought Boston Dynamics from Google in 2017 for $ 100 million. The company has managed to increase its value to 11 in three years.


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