Final Fantasy X-3 News: Although, Tetsuya Nomura, character designer, did not give more details about it.


Have you expected a Final Fantasy X-3? In the early 2000s, Tesuya Nomura was one of the people in charge of creating this installment of the franchise that focuses on Tidus and Yuna, a pair of young warriors willing to fight against the most terrible threats.

Despite not being one of Square-Enix’s best-selling titles, Final Fantasy X was one of the first titles in the series to have a direct sequel. Now, Nomura’s team’s initiative to expand this universe could make it the only Final Fantasy game with two direct sequels.

How possible would a Final Fantasy X-3 be?

In an interview with Famitsu and translated by RPG Site, Nomura mentions that there has been the possibility of a Final Fantasy X-3 by Square Enix. Although it is currently a stopped project, it is still among their plans. The development team probably wants to prioritize the current FF7 Remake.

Certainly, Tetsuya Nomura’s words should be taken with care. Recall that this author is responsible for Kingdom Hearts, a video game series that took 20 years to have a sequel to its main line. So, until you have clear news, do not expect it soon.

Although, it is undeniable that a possible Final Fantasy X-3 is something that can excite its fans.


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