Trade tension between the USA and China is a topic that has left its mark in recent years. Because of this tension, many Chinese brands cannot sell on US soil or supply raw materials or parts from US brands. The number of brands included in the embargo list by the USA was updated and new ones were added. Famous drone manufacturer DJI was among them.

Bad news for DJI has been blacklisted!

DJI, which is among the brands that the US Department of Commerce called Entitiy List, announced that this situation disappointed them. For now, it is not clear what sanctions DJI will be exposed to after entering this list. Different types of sanctions are imposed on the brands on the list. These include the inability to sell their products in the USA, the prohibition of the supply of parts and materials from US-based manufacturers, and similar sanctions.

In fact, this was not a surprising decision for DJI. Because allegations were made that he was spying on the brand in the US. After these allegations, it is wondered what steps the brand will take after entering the black list.

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