New developments regarding the all-electric Volkswagen model continue to be on the agenda. It was recently stated that various problems have arisen for Volkswagen’s first fully electric car ID.3, which will go into mass production, and these problems will lead to delays.

Electric Volkswagen ID.3 software problem appeared

It has been revealed that a new problem has emerged in Volkswagen’s electric vehicle ID.3 software and due to this problem, mass production cannot be started on time. According to the information disclosed, even in limited edition orders, various disruptions may be on the agenda.

As it is understood from the explanations, the lack of software side causes various problems in using App Connect and heads-up screen. This situation seems to be resolved with an update. However, it is stated that this software problem is an obstacle to start mass production.

However, it is stated that some models will be delivered in September 2020. However, these models may have the question of the software in question. A statement such as these problems will be solved by software update and the missing features will be activated later is brought to the agenda. At least for the moment, there is no information on the size of this mass production delay in the electric Volkswagen model ID.3. It is also useful to state that more detailed information will be on the agenda in the future.


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