Green light for long-awaited WhatsApp multi-device support. Competing with Telegram, WhatsApp does not want to lose its leadership in this field. What will change on behalf of the software serving under the umbrella of Facebook?

WhatsApp multi-device support is in testing phase
The popular messaging service, which considers users staying at home because of the COVID-19 outbreak, changed the number of people in video group calls. Now, a maximum of 8 people can participate in these meetings. This number used to be 4 people.

WhatsApp management is very active in innovations as many users provide their communication via mobile devices. In this context, WhatsApp running on multi-device support feature is doing what is desired.

This feature, which is still in the trial phase, will change the users’ WhatsApp usage. This innovation will enable the functional messaging service to be used on two different devices at the same time. Thus, if you log in to another device, the first device will not be logged out. It is not clear when the feature will be activated.

WhatsApp, which has not made itself available on two different devices since its launch, will give priority to the user in the new system. The user who wants to log in a second session will be offered the option of using mobile data or Wi-Fi. If mobile data is selected, “large amount of usage can be done” warning will appear on the screen.

In addition, WhatsApp, working on the issue of disappearing messages, will also include a feature in Snapchat. Now users can decide how long the messages will be deleted.

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This period will consist of options such as 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. Finally, this feature is among the information conveyed that it is in the trial process. There is no information yet about when this system will come.

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