In Texas, the local energy company warned the technology giants, asking them to suspend production due to the growing energy need. Samsung stopped producing 300mm wafer for a while.

Chip production facilities are today in an extremely sensitive location and major problems can arise in the slightest power outage or flood. Even a 1 percent reduction in production in these facilities that produce chips worldwide can cause prices to skyrocket. The bad weather conditions in the USA have affected Samsung.

Around 1-2 percent will be affected
The S2 chip casting factory, established by Samsung with large investments in Austin, stopped production due to bad weather conditions. The local power company has cooperation with technology companies operating in the region and may request that production be stopped, especially in cold months, when there is a shortage of energy going to homes.

In the event in question, besides Samsung, Infineon and NXP also temporarily stopped production. However, stopping this production is effective on a global scale. Samsung was casting between 11nm and 65nm at this facility.

S2 plants mainly produce chips for modems, automobile systems and SSD controllers. 5 percent of the world’s 300mm plate production is made in S2 facilities and there is no clear date. If it takes a week, it is estimated that production will be affected by 1-2 percent. This effect will be reflected not as a decrease in production but as a delay. In this respect, it is stated that there may be price increases in the said sectors, albeit for a short time.


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