Baekhyun EXO has provided details for his solo comeback song, ‘Candy’.

‘Candy’ is the title of the main song that will be included in the second solo mini album ‘Delight’.

According to the SM Entertainment agency statement, ‘Candy’ is a futuristic R&B genre song with catchy synth music and trendy melodies.

The pleasant lyrics of the song will also illustrate Baekhyun’s diverse variety of candy-like tastes.

The music video ‘Candy’ and the mini album ‘Delight’ will be officially released by Baekhyun on May 25, 2020 at 18:00 KST.

This will be Baekhyun’s first solo comeback, since his solo debut with the music video ‘UN Village’ and the first mini album ‘City Lights’ in 2019.


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