While “BTS” showed their deep love for fans, with the start of “BANG BANG CON The Live”, ARMY all over the world was gathered in front of the TV.

BTS held an online real-time live concert “BANG BANG CON The Live” on the afternoon of the 14th.


On that day, “BTS” performed “DOPE” as the opening song of “BANG BANG CON”. Although it was not possible to directly meet “BTS” offline due to the influence of the new Corona diffusion, the seven members continued to sing “Huntan Boys” and made ARMY crazy.

At first, V is “The mascot of “BANG BANG CON”. I look forward to seeing everyone having fun together in the room.” So I’m happy to expect it,” he said to ARMY.

Jin introduced TradeMart’s blow kiss and introduced himself as “Your Handsome Handsome Jin.” Jimin said, “I really wanted to see you. I think ARMY and I also really wanted to see us. I hope you will have a fun and interesting time today.”

“BANG BANG CON” surprised “BTS” with 682,000 people at the same time when it started. V communicated with ARMY, “What were you doing, ARMY, did you want to see us?” Jimin boasts of the studio of “BANG BANG CON” as “It’s like a working room.

“BTS” will be available on YouTube on April 18th and 19th, starting with the online streaming festival “BTS Concert in the room” (BANG BANG CON: BTS ONLINE CONCERT WEEKEND) that includes live concerts and fan meetings. Through the official channel “BANGTAN TV”, NAVER V LIVE, etc., we are steadily communicating while sharing our daily lives with our fans.


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