BAR’s token BAR, which was launched today after the token supply from the previous day, rose 450 percent above the supply price.

The fan token, Barcelona Fan Token (BAR), launched by the global giant Barcelona Blockchain company Chiliz, has been opened for trading today.

BAR went on sale the day before with a quantity of 600,000 units and had the most attention from the Turks. While each BAR was sold for 2 euros, the Turks constituted the biggest share in the buyers. This amount allocated for the token supply was exhausted in less than two hours. Moreover, it did not take even two minutes to sell 385,000 BARs. There were more than 4000 entries from 106 countries.

As of today, the price of the token listed with the BAR / CHZ trading pair has climbed to 976 CHZ. This equates to approximately 11 euros with the current CHZ exchange rate. It can be said that BAR gave the buyer the opportunity to sell with 450 percent profit. BAR, which started to decline later, changes hands from 520 CHZ when the news goes live. The price is still 200 percent above the supply price.

Although only one hour has passed since the BAR was opened, $ 1.9 million has been traded so far.


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