The revenues and sales figures of Arkham City, which has a distinct place among Batman games, appeared in the first year after its release. The source of the information comes from Michael Elkind’s LindkedIn profile, who once served as global marketing manager in Warner Bros.

The video game Batman: Arkham City, which debuted towards the end of 2011, is considered by many to be the best Batman game ever released. So much so in a report dated February 2012 that the game sold about 6 million copies in the 4-month period after its release. This shows us how much Arkham City is loved.

After the intervening years, Batman: Arkham City was not shared with any sales figures or revenue. Now, a Twitter user has found information about the game’s sales figures and revenue in Michael Elkind’s LindkedIn profile, who served as global marketing manager at Warner Bros. between January 2010 and October 2012.

Batman: Arkham City sold 12.5 million copies in its first year:

According to the information in Elkind’s profile, Batman: Arkham City, which managed to sell nearly 6 million copies in its first 4 months, managed to sell a total of 12.5 million copies in its first year. The revenue of the game, which has reached these sales numbers in a short time, is over 600 million dollars.

What kind of game is Batman: Arkham City?

The sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City was scripted by experienced comic book writer Paul Dini. In the game where there are different enemies, especially Joker, up to Two-Face, Penguin, Mr.Freeze Riddler, we have to fight the notorious criminals of Batman world as usual.


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